Just as there are romantic comedies (in the purest American style, of course), which advocate looking at the groom’s face instead of the bride’s walk as he approaches the altar (yes, let’s put aside everything stale and straight that is in this), we advocate a porn movie that focuses exclusively on facial expressions during body stimulation. No close-ups of huge genitals or squirts of semen, just faces, gestures, the closing of the eyes, the serious and concentrated expression, the slight opening of the mouth letting out a moan, just that (or all that, depending on how you look at it ). And what’s all this? To better understand everything that sexuality implies, to understand the emotions and sensations that it produces, and if, as your grandmother said, the face is the mirror of the soul, then clearer water.

The case, to summarize and understand where we want to go, is the desire we seem to have to shorten something so sensational. There are many erotic toys that promise powerful orgasms in a few minutes (and they deliver, word), infinite articles on how to climax this way or that as quickly as possible, innumerable instructions to achieve vaginal, clitoral, prostate, anal orgasms and through of any other part of the body that you can think of. And it’s great, watch out, the search for pleasure has motivated humanity since its origins.

EDGING - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOWBut why is he in such a hurry? To go back to work? To continue watching that Netflix series? Do you want to have lunch ready for tomorrow? Good plans, we do not want to question anyone’s life, but we propose something, a different plan, take a test. If orgasm is the goal, and why fool ourselves, it is, lengthen the fantastic sensations that precede it and recreate that excitement, prolong it in time and enjoy sex more fully.

What is ‘edging’?

It is exactly what we have just told you and, obviously, it is nothing new. Sexologists have been proposing it for years to improve the quality of relationships and also as a method for men who want to delay the moment of ejaculation. For a change, now an English word has arrived and is making it fashionable. Here we are.

In Spanish it would come to be the stop-start technique and connects with the trend of ‘slow sex’, ‘slow food’, ‘slow life’ and all the other slows to fight against the rush of living running without stopping to enjoy anything. Being on the verge of orgasm delaying it as long as possible, or whatever you want, that is ‘edging’.

What are the benefits of this technique?

The benefits of ‘edging’ are both physical and psychological. To begin with, if you are able to know yourself to the point of identifying the point of no return and slowing down just before reaching orgasm to continue with the stimulation, you will be more aware of the sensations and excitement and you will prolong the pleasure over time.

Also the climax, once you get carried away by the wave, will be more powerful, both psychologically and physically. The feeling of reward joins with the resolution of the sexual tension accumulated during the encounter. As a result, more pleasure for longer and a deeper and more intense orgasm. Not bad.

Who can practice it?

Well you, if you feel like it. It’s about controlling arousal to delay orgasm, not doing 200 pull-ups in five minutes, so it’s available to anyone who wants to do it.

Can you practice edging as a couple?

gorgeous sexy girlOf course, although we advise you to tell him beforehand what you are going to try so that he understands what is happening and does not think that he has stopped turning you on. Talk about it, and if you both agree, give it a try, it is a valid technique for men and women, as both can prolong pleasure and control arousal and stimulation to delay climax. In addition, it is fantastic to get out of the routine and enjoy another type of sexuality that goes beyond ‘here I catch you, here I kill you’.

The ultimate technique against premature ejaculation

In fact, this technique was born in sexology consultations as a method to help men dissatisfied with their ejaculation time. The so-called premature ejaculation is nothing more than ejaculation earlier than you would like, and in most cases it is due to a poorly learned sexuality. In short, when you started masturbating you learned to do it quickly to finish as soon as possible, usually, for fear that someone would open the door of the room and catch you.

The ‘edging’ or the start-stop technique is fantastic to relearn how to stimulate yourself, alone or with a partner, identifying the sensations of your body and being more aware to slow down or change the stimulation before reaching the point of no return in which orgasm or ejaculation is already inevitable.

How to practice ‘edging’ step by step

  • In the first place, do not obsess, it is about knowing yourself better and better and discovering your own limits, something that, obviously, you will not achieve in a day.
  • It is better to start testing alone, you will feel less pressure and by being exclusively aware of you (something that we hope you do not do as a couple) it will be easier to realize the proximity of the climax and stop to relax.
  • If you are practicing it as a couple, communication is key. First you have to identify the proximity of orgasm and stop or change the stimulation.
  • If it occurs during sexual intercourse, change your posture and speed, or focus for a little bit on stimulating the other person.
  • In a Relationship, as the relationship will be longer, do not focus exclusively on penetration. You should never do it, but in this case it is more important that you combine penetration with stroking and manual and oral masturbation to prevent penetration from becoming uncomfortable or painful. You already know that if you scratch for a long time in the same place, it hurts.
  • Explore yourself, experiment and most importantly, remember that you do this to enjoy more, if not, if it causes you overwhelm or discomfort delaying orgasm, do not do it. Sex must be synonymous with pleasure. Forever.